We at Victory Health & Wellness are happy and excited to start sharing interesting information about what we do and who we are in our new blog.  We would like to start by sharing our mission statement.

“Conveniently provide outstanding, cost effective complementary healthcare options”

Convenience – We are located right in the heart of the UVic campus whithin the Student Union Building (SUB).

Cost effective -Study after study shows that primary and preventative care greatly reduces future health care costs, as well as increase patients’ health.  We are also happy to directly bill your insurance company whenever possible, making our services the most cost effective for each client.

Complementary Health care – We feel like we have assembled a fantastic team of practitioners in a variety of disciplines to assist each client with the best possibble complementary healthcare solutions.

Our health centre provides services to students, staff and faculty.  We also welcome clients from off campus too!  We are open to all residents of Greater Victoria.

We are proud to be affiliated with the University of Victoria and welcome the oportunity to give back to the campus environment whenever possible.

As you have probably seen on our website we use the slogan;

  • Understand symptoms
  • Overcome dysfunction
  • Achieve results

We believe that in order to start achieving results people must first understand the cause or  reason they have dysfynction.  We work closely with our clients help create that understanding.

Stay tuned we have some great stuff coming!