If you are like most university students, you probably spend a large portion of your day in the seated position. It’s pretty hard to avoid, given the lengthy classes, labs, projects, exams, study sessions and so on.

This sitting culture is not unique to university students. There are many careers that have employees sitting for hours on end and then, when people get home, they sit in front of the TV for another 4 hours.

If you are consistently sitting for long periods of time, you increase the stress on your back muscles, the spinal joints and the discs between your vertebrae. This can affect the natural curve of your spine, impair its function and stability, and potentially lead to pain and discomfort.

Here are some tips to interrupt your sitting and improve your spinal health:

  • Learn more about ergonomics to help you improve your sitting posture and workstation setup
  • Try standing when you’re on the phone for extended periods
  • Hold your cell phone at eye level when texting
  • Take regular stretch breaks while working at your computer
  • Check and adjust your position regularly – imagine if a mirror was held up beside you: what would your posture look like?
  • Set a timer on your phone to remind you to stand up every 20 minutes for a little break
  • Keep your joints springy and healthy with regular visits to the chiropractor
  • Ask your health professional to suggest some stretches and exercises to help protect your skeletal system

It is important to be pro-active, you only have one spine in this life. At the end of the day, your spinal health is up to you.