Massage therapy has been clinically proven to reduce pain, depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and job absenteeism, and to improve trunk range of motion and job productivity. In a study done by Field et al. (2007), massage therapy and relaxation therapy were administered to thirty adults who had been experiencing low back pain for the last 6 months. Study questionnaires filled out by participants on the first and last days of the study showed that the massage therapy group had less pain, depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbance at the end of the study than the relaxation therapy group. Those who had massage therapy also demonstrated improved trunk range of motion.

Midterm time is especially stressful for students. If you’ve been having back pain and/or difficulty sleeping due to a busy semester (especially with all those midterms!), you may want to give massage therapy a try. Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) appointments are available at Victory Health & Wellness five days per week, and UVic undergrad students with UVSS insurance receive 3 massage appointments per school year at $20/appointment, with a doctor’s referral. We also offer direct billing for Pacific Blue Cross, Great-West Life, Greenshield, and grad students (GSS).

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Jaime Coy, RMT

Victory Health & Wellness

Field, T., Hernandez-Reif, M., Diego, M., & Fraser, M. (2007). Lower back pain and sleep disturbance are reduced following massage therapy. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapy, 11, 141-145.