Start 2015 off right with nutrition tips from Victory Health & Wellness!!

We thought it would be good to post a little something on nutrition to start your year off on the right foot.  Dietitian’s of Canada puts out a different nutrition-related campaign every year; this year is Simply Cook and Enjoy. The idea is to bring people back into the kitchen to prepare and enjoy homemade foods. We live in fast paced environment where everything is go, go, go.  Many people find it challenging to make the time to a) get to a grocery store and b) prepare their own food. This year’s theme, which you can refer to at includes many great ideas such as Cooking 101 (see below), Budget Friendly Cooking, In a Hurry? Make it Easy!, & Make Cooking a Family Affair.

In addition to the resources provided, Dietitians of Canada (DOC) has made a free iPhone app called Cookspiration. It is an app that provides recipes depending on the time of day and what mood you are in. It is similar to Songza in that you can pick the type of meal you feel like depending on what mood you are in, i.e. quick and easy meals vs. budget friendly meals vs. vegetarian meals. You can also save recipes in favorites that you can go back to at another time. It is quick, easy, free and provides you with the ingredients, recipe and nutritional content of the recipe. Try it out when you are next in the grocery store and stumped for what you are going to buy and make for dinner!

Attached below is one of the fact sheets from Simply Cook and Enjoy from DOC website. Great easy nutrition tips to incorporate into your every day diet to help make what you put into your system count, and taste delicious. Be mindful of what you’re eating. Enjoy and celebrate the beautiful, colorful food we have available


Jessica Robertson, Registered Dietitian

Victory Health and Wellness