Going up island? Spring has arrived and with it, road trip season is on its way. If you experience car sickness on our windy roads, you’re not the only one. But relief can be found by using acupressure, on yourself or another.

Try this* the next time you have motion sickness of any type:

Taking the thumb of one hand, measure two widths across the knuckle from the wrist crease of the other hand palm up, towards the elbow. The acupressure point to alleviate motion sickness is found at this distance in the center of the inside wrist between the two tendons. Use the thumb tip to press gently but firmly on this point. Keep pressing for up to two minutes, then notice if the motion sickness is passing. Switch hands and continue with the method until you feel better.

Safe travels!

Eileen Seto, R.TCM.P.

Victory Health & Wellness

*Do not perform acupressure while driving, or on someone who is driving.